Editor, Bloomberg reported on new developments in iOS 13Редактор Bloomberg’s mark Gurman (Mark Gurman) has announced new developments of the mobile platform Apple — iOS 13, the announcement of which is expected at the annual conference of developers WWDC 2019 from 3 to 7 June in the conference center named Mac Enery in San Jose. It is reported ixbt.com.

His words iOS 13 is being developed under the code name Yukon. For 2020 prepared 14 iOS codenamed Azul.

The new iOS will allow you to optimize the performance of your devices and resolve a variety of issues. In addition there will be several UI improvements, including new animations when you start multitasking and closing apps.

Also a new dark theme, activated through the “control Center”. New sleep mode, which is valid throughout the system will turn on via “control Center”, activate the mode “do not disturb”, drowning out all of the alerts and dimming the lock screen. The appropriate mode will integrate with the enhanced tab the “sleep Mode” in the app “Clock”.

In addition, the iPad will be “native” ability to work as a second display for Mac with support for Apple Pencil. Also for tablets will be a new multi-tasking, ability to run multiple versions of the same application.

The updated Messages app will have several functions in the style of WhatsApp, including setup pictures and user name, which will appear in the chat when you send messages, the degree of availability of information, a separate menu for Emoji Memoji and animated stickers Animoji.

By updating the Maps will be able to easily install the places that are frequented, such as home or work and get around to them. In the “Reminders” you will see four sections by default, all tasks, today, things are on schedule, and flagged tasks. In addition, improve and finalize application “Mail”, “Health”, “Books”, join “Find friends” and “Find my phone”.

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