CAIRO, December 12 /PRIME/. Egyptian authorities intend to file a lawsuit against Apple if the company within 60 days will not remove the limitations on its local distributors, reports channel Sky News Arabia.

The channel refers to the decision of the Egyptian Cabinet, was published in the Official Gazette of the country of publication, publishes laws and decrees. The decision of the government noted that Apple and its regional distributor in the middle East, Arab business machine must abolish any restrictions against the local distributors.

According to the Chairman of the Agency for competition protection of Egypt Amir Nabil, “due to its marketing policy and of the contracts Apple has banned all forms of parallel imports (in Egypt), and forbade foreign distributors to make sales in Egypt.”

“This has led to unjustified increase in the cost of Apple products in Egypt, whose prices exceed the cost of the same product in other countries of the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait,” he said.

According to Amir Nabil, Apple such actions violated the law on competition. On correcting the situation of the global giant in Cairo took 60 days. Otherwise in respect of them will be nominated a lawsuit.

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