Discounts up to 30% on promo codes.

Eldorado has announced the launch of a new large-scale sales techniques in your Internet store. New sale “Eldorado” is “closed”, but despite this clarification from the company, to participate in it can all attend. Get discounts on equipment in “Eldorado” after the special promo codes collected on a special page of the online store.

New closed sale “Eldorado” will be held from 16 to 21 January 2019. As part of the sale in the online store “Eldorado” will have discount on various equipment. Maximum discounts up to 30%.

All the products are on sale, located on this page, the official online store “Eldorado”. Along with goods are promotional codes that allow you to activate a discount. To determine the size of discount for the promotional code. СЕКРЕТ10 promo code gives a discount of 10%, СЕКРЕТ20 — a 20% discount, etc.

New sale “Eldorado” mostly cheaper appliances, but the interesting items are in the category “electronics”. For example, with great discounts sold televisions Sony and Panasonic.


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