2 nominees for Grammy awards, 1 500 square meters of neon jungle, 2,000 people in the guest list, the top 20 dancers from across the country at the club, which will be built in one night. Meet for the first time in Moscow English electronic Duo Disclosure on the Dancefloor Bacardi event Main Event.

Manufacturers of Bacardi rum, accustom Muscovites to the beautiful, large-scale festivals and big names in the list of headliners, are going to surprise you. This brand is generous in sharing his love for the holiday, supporting many local parties and festivals — be it Moodymann at Alfa Future People, Die Antwoord at a party at Casa Bacardi, home concert Paduka.

Bacardi Dancefloor Main Event is not just a party, a pop-up club that will last only 6 hours, but according to the laws of the genre: serious decorating decisions to gradually open the internal space.

The main characters of “dance Christmas” will be guy and Howard Lawrence are a British Duo Disclosure. You know their hit White Noise and the same duet with Sam Smith, you have heard the Apple Music their LP Settle and Caracal and rooting for guys when handed a Grammy for best electronic album. You waited for their arrival in Moscow. They fly to the capital in the status of superstars with DJ-set and impressive visual show.

Andrey Pirumov and Andrei Chagin

The Disclosure statement will support the group founders of Flammable Beats Andrey Pirumov and Andrei Chagin, note mod mark Schedrin along with a lover of two capitals by Timothy Smirnov and dancers Bacardi gang Gang Dance. Relax from new year mood in the scenery from the green living plants and trees, because dance is offered not for the winter modestly, but as last summer. Dress up accordingly, to the neon bright tops and shirts — they will be the same content holiday as movement and sound.

December 14, get ready to dance in celebration of your life together with Disclosure and Bacardi. To get a chance to get to the party, enter the promo code BDFLOOR and fill out the form on the link — perhaps you will find yourself in the guest list.

Date: 14 Dec, 22:00.

Entrance: lists.

DC: neon.

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