C April 2019 Elena is engaged in the strategic development of advertising and communication group of companies and is responsible for business transformation in all its forms: operational, innovation, reputation and commercial. Previously, Helen held the position of creative Director and managing partner at the Agency millennially communications ROOM485 since its Foundation. Over 7 years of experience in the company under her leadership was implemented dozens of projects for major Russian and international clients, she was able to assemble a team of like-minded people and bring the creative Department into an independent Agency. Today ROOM485 consists of 55 persons, has a broad client base and expertise in strategic and creative consulting, social marketing, branding and content marketing. The desire to move forward and develop themselves and the company has always been an integral part of the philosophy of Helena. She took part in the provocative transformation Agency R&I advertising and communications group of companies, the opening of an office in Miami, as well as the formation of the positioning of agencies and the launch of new businesses at RCG group of companies. Elena Kalinina, Director of management of strategic change at RCG group of companies: the World is changing at cosmic speed, and especially our industry. The advertising business is in a phase of active transformation: explosive innovations are changing the approach and expectations of the customer, change the formats of interaction, monetization and other processes. Open source creative resources (Giant Hydra, GeniusRocket), advertising platforms and virtual agencies (SpotRunner, Pick-n-Click Ads), classroom and ATD platform (Accuen, IPG Mediabrands, Xaxis, Funbox), marketing companies (avVenta, Tag, E-Graphics), production company (B Reel, Trailer Park, RadicalMedia), media companies (Condé Nast Studio, Electus, Scratch) will take the role of agencies and technology companies are the providers (Google, Facebook, Foursquare). All this screams the need to change. Remember the quote from the book of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”: “we Need to run just to stay in place, and in order to get somewhere, you have to run at least twice as fast!”. Faster, faster, faster — just to stand in one place! This phrase perfectly characterizes the times in which we live. And that’s why a group of companies opens in the heart of the RCG project office, the purpose of which will be accelerated, known worldwide as a strategic transformation Yuniy Davydov, the founder and President of group of companies RCG: RCG Let’s compare with a successful oil company. Our rigs for many years regularly pump oil, the oil reserves are huge, our product is appreciated in the market, the infrastructure is built, debugged logistics, management experienced, our oil company is the fifth largest and continues to grow steadily, all is well. Why in such a situation to change something? The fact that changing the market itself. We understand that in the near future will become wide-spread alternative energy sources (solar, electric, biofuel…) and the oil is impaired. Yes, we still have 3-4 years of quiet life, the revolution, the market will not happen tomorrow. But the revolution is inevitable, and we can’t stop it. To remain a leader, we must prepare today for the changes. And if the revolution cannot be stopped — it must lead! In this regard, we are one of the first in our industry to introduce its top management a new position of Chief Transformation Officer. And this is Lena Kalinina — a tireless inventor and powerful Creator, but a graduate in the field of strategic change management. Elena Kalinina began her career in 2004 at KPMG HQ in the Netherlands and also gained international experience working in Miami, London and the Netherlands. In the communication industry Elena has more than 15 years and during that time managed to get an Executive MBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership (Berlin, new York, San Francisco, Shanghai), to win a grant from Honda in the field of business innovation and internship at Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo), to study for an MSC in strategic management at Erasmus University (Netherlands), to obtain a bachelor’s degree in international business and management at Inholland University (Netherlands), as well as additional education program Social Media Consumer Engagement at the Miami Ad School (USA). She has diversified experience with international brands such as Apple, PepsiCo, Bacardi, Unilever, Mondelez, Audi, Samsung, Burger King, Philip Morris, P&G not only on the position of creative Director and account Manager, new business, strategist, lecturer, and business consultant. She is also the honorary jury and the winner of advertising festivals and awards, including the Dragons of Asia 2016-2018, as well as a member of the International Association of Independent Creative Agencies +imagepartners.

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