Trying to hinder the work of the messenger Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor started to play big, and blocks all IP addresses Internet service providers.

If large companies can still try to file complaints against the actions of Roskomnadzor, the representatives of small and medium businesses to challenge the decisions of the agencies quite difficult. In early August, the Tagansky district court issued another ruling, according to which, the blocking of access to resources, have no relation to the Telegram, was recognized as legitimate. For example, IP address an online store that sells posters, were among the prohibited, among other 65 536 addresses owned by DigitalOcean as hosting the pool were three accounts related to banned the messenger.

From the point of view of Roskomnadzor, such measures are more effective. The mass block entire ISPs require much less effort than a point off access, moreover, creates limitations for the reopening of the messenger.

The decision of the court about the blockage of the Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation was issued on 13 April 2018. Since April 16, the Department is strongly committed to combating prohibited by the messenger, but because of these actions not only hurt a third party.


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