There is a special method.

Subscribers of Russian mobile operators often occur various problems. Many users are accustomed to look for solutions on the Internet, others call the support for assistance from live operators support. However, as has told one of the employees of MTS, subscribers of the mobile operator there is a better way to solve the problem by personal.

How to contact support MTS

There are several ways to contact the support for MTS and get help on the required subject. According to the statement of one of employees of the operator, who shared advice on social networks, the most faithful of these is the appeal by the special form of feedback.

This feedback form is on this page of the official website of MTS. In order to obtain a quick and quality assistance from the operator to the subscribers, you must specify your phone number, name and a brief description of the problem. In addition, in the form there is an option of attaching photos that might help people to accurately deal with the problem.

This method of recourse to operators support staff MTS is often recommended in social networks, often under different user complaints. But, nevertheless, the majority of subscribers used to contact customer support for your carrier the old methods, which are not only slower but also less effective.

Earlier we talked about how to contact the technical support MTS to connect with a live specialist.


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