In recent years, Apple pays great attention to the protection of secrets. However, to completely eliminate the leak, kupertinovtsy not. Last but not least this is due to the fact that a number of leaks occur in the factories of partners. If you believe the Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, informed one of the staff of TSMC for quite a long period, shared the secrets of Apple with third-party people. However, now he may incur severe punishment.

According to the publication DigiTimes, some time ago, the Taiwan police arrested in Hsinchu, one of the employees of the company TSMC. According to investigators, he stole a number of classified documents related to the Apple. In particular, an employee of Taiwanese chip maker was able to take possession of the drawings processors that were used in Apple’s mobile devices. These data man planned to sell on the black market.

Unknown at this time did the employee TSMC to transmit sensitive data to third parties and thereby disclose a number of secrets of the iPhone maker. Apple representatives refused to give any comments until the trial.


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