“Yandex” has launched a live Business FM on the speakers with “Alice”. The Owners Of “Yandex. Station”, as well as smart speaker you can listen to the radio by request: “Alice, turn on Business FM”

Now in the morning, you can enable 87,5 voice command, not even opening his eyes. Within a few minutes the air will help to Wake up, learn about the major events, share prices and exchange rates.

For those who have not yet got the smart speaker available voice assistant “Yandex. Alice” on a mobile device. In response to the request, the robot creates a list of links on the subject, the first of which will be online player Business FM. One click, a few seconds to load — and everything is in order.

Important: the success is guaranteed with the right query. The key word is “turn”. In other formulations drops the link to the site BFM.ru you however, will also find the button: “live”.

Siri voice assistant, which is installed by default on all Apple products, this option is unfortunately not supported.

But there is a solution: the owner of the iPhone you must first download the Yandex App Store. By the way, for those who prefer a assistant from Google, the same function is also available. Moreover, this robot responds to key command “play Business FM” and “live Business FM”.

Soon meet a separate mobile app to download the ether Business FM.

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