Company Epic Games has released a patch that eliminated defects, which game on the iPhone and iPad worked well enough.

Fortnite is distributed on PC, Mac, consoles and mobile devices and has a huge number of players around the world. Not surprisingly, at this scale, in the application code for iOS crept errors do not allow users to fully enjoy the game. Since the release of Royal rumble of thousands of fans complained that they see in the version for iPhone and iPad freezes and sagging FPS. Throughout this time, representatives of Epic Games did not give any comments on this topic.

Fortunately, after a long silence, the company said that it managed to eliminate most of the bugs and very soon for iOS an update is released for Fortnite, the final major performance issues.

Indeed, Epic Games issued a statement on 8 September, and after a couple of hours a patch with improvements is available for download. The developer advises all players Fortnite download and install the update as after it will play much nicer.


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