Today it became known that because of the defect in the code of the online Apple store in the network leaked PIN codes more than 72 million subscribers of the U.S. operator T-Mobile. It is worth noting that earlier, similar vulnerability helped “get it” from the website of the insurance company Asurion several million PIN codes for users AT&T.

At the moment, Apple representatives have not commented on the situation. However, it is known that the specialists of the company quickly Apple closed the vulnerability in a corporate online store.

According to available data, the error on the Apple website allowed endlessly to pick up four-digit password to any phone number T-Mobile. This enables attackers had the ability to simply pick up the code.

Some believe that the PIN codes are not much help to the attackers. However, it is not so. The code may help the attacker to know the user’s phone number. And when you consider that some online services uses numbers to verify your identity when you connect paid services, in the future it can create some problems.

Representatives of T-Mobile has already sent out the emails with the recommendation to change the PIN-code.


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