The ESPN channel is going to greatly expand the catalogue to its streaming service direct broadcasts ESPN+, and is planning negotiations with major sports organizations and rights holders.

At the moment, ESPN+ offers users, among many other things, broadcast MLB, MLS, various soccer leagues and UFC fights. However, the broadcast of such popular leagues like the NBA or NFL is not yet represented on the platform.

During his speech at the conference organized by the editors of the Wall Street Journal, the President of ESPN Jimmy Pitaro told about the plans of the company for the acquisition of additional content: “We started the negotiation and conclusion of new partner agreements, and in a short time as our audience and users of our streaming platform will appreciate these efforts”.

In addition, ESPN+ can become a resource alternative to direct sports broadcasts. Canal has a wealth of experience: the shoot was experimenting, drawing on the streams of fans of rival teams and other commentators.

Pitaro assured that such experiments will continue, and ESPN+ should also expect innovative solutions.

Of course, to get a new TV rights is difficult and costly. Will also have to compete with such competitors as Google and Amazon, showing active interest in sports streaming. New market players such as DAZN, are also serious contenders.

Pitaro commented on this aspect: “Even in the face of heightened competition with such rivals as FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) and smaller companies, ESPN will provide a right to a right audience of the content — as we have successfully done and before.”

At the moment ESPN 2 million subscribers. According to Pitaro, the company plans in the next few years to increase audience size up to 8-12 million
SOURCE: Mediapost

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