How does the identification?

On the website of the State Duma States that messengers will check the numbers to which users register accounts by querying the data from the mobile operator. And operators have rights to issue SIM cards with new numbers only on the passport.

Operators told TASS that is ready for the execution of the ruling of the identification of the messengers.

Information on request must be provided within 20 minutes. If the operator does not provide data or our database will be information, messenger deauthorize user. In case the user changes their phone number, you must authenticate again.

Why was it made?

On the website of Goswami clarifies that the identification of the need, “to prevent anonymous use of instant messaging, which prevents to investigate crimes”. Now the owner of the service message should not just send a confirmation code (which you did earlier, many programs), but to carry out this operation using the operator to record information about who owns the account in the messenger. “VimpelCom developed a solution that, in our opinion, would technically fulfill the requirements of the legislation. But in order that the solution meets all the requirements, mandatory participation messengers, from them to us until the query has been received,” — said Forbes in a press-service of the operator. MTS, Tele2 and MegaFon did not respond to a request for Forbes at the time of publication. However, without cooperation with the messenger system will not work.

In addition, the resolution does not specify how to identify users of corporate SIM cards and users of foreign operators. The first named, and the second may not always transfer user data.

For example, there are questions on compliance with the GDPR legislation of the EU, according to which data of citizens must be processed on the territory of the Union. If foreign citizens to make exceptions (in the current Ordinance there is no clarification of citizenship), wishing to evade identification can use the “travel SIM cards”, which have, for example, the Baltic room.

However, not all messengers are included in this category. For example, Skype still does not require a cell number to register with the service.

There is a reverse situation. Pavel Durov has repeatedly stated that it will not cooperate with the Russian authorities. At the same time he manages to get around Roskomnadzor and to avoid removing the Telegram from the app stores of Apple Store and Google Play. Thus, the use of one of the most popular messengers will still allow you to remain anonymous to the Russian authorities.

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