Not everyone shares this view.

A former Apple engineer Darren Eastman stated that after the death of Steve jobs, the company began to disregard the quality of their products. According to him, in the era of Tim cook Apple just turned on their customers and focused only on earning money.

Eastman said that when Steve Jobs at Apple was a completely unique attitude to problem solving. Employees were required to report any unresolved problems directly to the jobs that after you have made all efforts for their solving.

When Steve jobs was not at Apple introduced a new system of fines for causing any problems, said Eastman. Because of her many staff have ceased to report problems and just kept silent about them, not wanting to fines.

But most importantly, I am sure Eastman, Apple focused on making money and not on creating the perfect device, as it was before. Thus, Apple ceased to care about both the employees and the customers.

Interview Eastman was ambiguously received by the fans of Apple. Many noted that former Apple employee burst into such a tirade in connection with the filing on the company to court for infringement of his patents. The negativity often associated with the desire ex-Apple employee to win in court.

However, there were also those who supported the point of view of Eastman and believes that after the death of Steve jobs, Apple went in the wrong direction.

Note that under Tim Cook Apple has released a large number of completely new devices, including the most popular smart watch in the world the Apple Watch and the most popular wireless headphones in the world AirPods.

Source: siliconvalley.


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