17 APR 1977 Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak introduced the personal computer Apple II at the exhibition West Coast Computer Fair in San Francisco. Unlike the debut the Apple I, which came out in wide sale, the second generation of “Apple” computers has become a landmark for the company — were sold, according to various estimates, from 5 to 6 million Apple II, after which the model was recognized as the most successful PCs of the time.

Computer based on the MOS Technology 6502 processor with a clock frequency of 1 MHz, the RAM was 4KB, and the same memory is available to user for writing files. The monitor and the cassette player was an option. Unlike most of its competitors, the Apple II could display color graphics in a resolution of 280×192 with 6 colors, such characteristics in 1977 is very impressive.

And in this day…

17 April 1941 the light was the first helicopter amphibian float on the chassis. The experimental model of the VS-300 made a test flight and successfully landed in the water, much to the surprised audience at the presentation in the United States. The author of amphibians, a scientist, aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky, saw the future of his brainchild in rescue operations on the water surface. The capacity of the helicopter was only 65 horsepower, maximum speed reached 100 km/h and the flight duration was limited to one and a half hours.

On 17 April 2009, Fujitsu announced the creation of the technology of biometric authentication veins in the hand. Instead of having to enter the password, it was enough to raise a hand over a special sensor — he identified the owner of only 1 millisecond and accurately worked, even if the owner of the computer moved his hand during the scan.

The technology is called PalmSecure and in the mass devices appeared only several years later, her vehicle was the notebook Fujitsu Celsius H730, released in November 2013. Hygienic and contactless system will have the way in computers, healthcare institutions, banks and retailers.

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