Almost idealnym this year Apple not only introduced a completely redesigned generation of the iPad Pro, but radically updated the Apple pen Pencil.

A new accessory has become much easier. Journalist resource iMore Rene Ritchie decided to share my impressions from working with Apple Pencil 2.

For nearly ten years I use graphics tablets from Wacom. I have them fully satisfied, but then Apple introduced a new iPad stylus Apple Pencil. And everything changed.

With this announcement, all other styli began to resemble accessories from the stone age.

Two generations of the same accessory

No, Apple Pencil had a lot of problems: it didn’t lay in his hand, was deprived of the opportunity of quick switching of tools, it was easy to lose. And it’s really strange to charge the tablet via the Lightning port.

But two weeks ago, Apple has released an updated Apple Pencil pen 2.

The new accessory has remained the same:

— processing algorithm strength and sensitivity

— plastic case

— form (for the artist one planar face, plays a significant role)

But changed the following:

— stylus does not work with other generations of iPad Pro (only models 2018)

— he has a new charging method

— it has become more expensive by $30
— Apple Pencil 2 got matte, not glossy plastic, and it is more comfortable to hold in hand

he doesn’t have a Lightning connector and cap, which were always getting lost

For new Apple Pencil 2 will have to pay $30 or more 2 900 RUB.

On charging it is necessary to tell separately. That suggested Apple is indeed the most practical and convenient option. You can charge the stylus just like him to the edge of the tablet.

Pleased that even a completely discharged stylus will be ready to go to work in a few minutes. But if they do not use it, then Apple Pencil 2 enters the energy saving mode. In this state it can last a very long time, practically unload.

The magnetic clip is great. Only concern is that in this situation Apple Pencil always charging. And attach it only to one of the faces.

Keep the stylus in the hand easier. And even easier to switch tools. Just double-tap the index finger on the Apple Pencil case.

From wishes:

— I wish Apple made the Apple 2 full Pencil pencil-like, i.e. with six sloping sides. But apparently, that is the lot of 3 Apple Pencil.

— it would be nice to see several colors accessory

— not enough hardware buttons

With the capabilities Apple Pencil 2 can be found in the author’s video Renee Ritchie. Full review accessory he drew and originally issued in a short video:

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