At the moment on the market there are only two major mobile operating systems – iOS and Android. While most OSes from Google is far ahead of the competitor. However, experts believe that iOS is superior to Android on several parameters, which makes it the best on the market.

The main advantage of iOS experts believe regular updates, allowing the Apple to remain relevant much longer than Android devices. Get the latest updates much less frequently or not getting them at all.

Another advantage of iOS over Android experts call app produced exclusively for Apple’s mobile OSes. Such programs include photo and video editors that significantly extend the capabilities of mobile devices.

There are also other features that set iOS background Android. These specialists include regular updates of third-party applications, a more simple mechanism of introduction of innovations, etc.

It should be noted that not all users agree with such a conclusion. Owners of Android devices note that mobile operating system from Google has a great potential and greater “flexibility.” This allows users to configure the device.


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