Technological capability of China will allow to provide decent resistance and keep the leadership in the industry in the deployment of the cold war with the United States in the field of technology. On Wednesday the newspaper Global Times, quoting the opinions of Chinese experts.

“Even if the cold war between China and the United States in technology occur, China will be more prepared than US,” — said the Executive Director of the news site browsing history of the telecommunications industry Xiang Ligang, his words quoted by the newspaper. “China has a major industrial clusters in the world, with approximately 90% of smartphones in the world is produced in China, as we have a comprehensive capacity to do that is not in other countries,” — said the expert.

Xiang Ligang also expressed the opinion that China will occupy the first place in the world in the development of 5G communication technologies and artificial intelligence (AI). He in particular noted the contribution to the development of the industry of the Chinese company Huawei, which is “a developer of advanced chips for smartphones” and “sooner or later beat in the technological field [U.S. company] Apple”.

In turn, the Chairman of the world organization of green design (World Green Design Organization) Shi Dinghuan said that “the more external pressure on China, the stronger its desire to develop its domestic innovative capacity and independence in this area.” “This is justified by the increasing costs of the country in technology development and research” — he explained.

Meanwhile, experts note that technological escalation of the confrontation between the two countries would entail negative consequences for both sides. “Despite the predictions that the cold war might force China and the United States to develop its own isolated technology ecosystem… in some areas the two countries are too intertwined, to completely eliminate cooperation, said Shi Dinghuan. — Cooperation of China and the United States covers a rather wide range, including science and fundamental research”.

In turn, Xiang Ligang, said that “nobody will benefit if the US and China will close doors in front of each other”. “If that happens, both sides will suffer great losses,” he concluded.

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