The specialists of reputable labs DisplayMate has finished its research screens new iPhone. After examining the characteristics of the matrix, the experts came to the conclusion that at this point in the iPhone Xs Max set best on the market display.

Experts DisplayMate noted that the screen is a 6.5-inch handset has great color reproduction. According to them, is color-iPhone Xs Max bypasses all TVs, tablets, monitors and laptops that exist in the market.

Another distinctive feature of the screen the new 6.5-inch Apple flagship is the high value of the maximum luminance of 660 nits. By the way, last year’s tests showed that the maximum brightness of the iPhone display X amounted to 634 nits.

Also the iPhone screen Xs Max has the lowest reflection coefficient. Only 4.7 per cent. Due to this, the 6.5-inch iPhone is recognized as one of the devices with the best contrast of the image.

In the end, the experts DisplayMate put the iPhone screen Xs Max grade “a+”. But most importantly, a 6.5-inch smartphone Apple quality display could beat Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Until recently, it camera from Samsung has the best on the market screen.


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