Apple miscalculated?

Although Apple has not officially announced whether there was a 6.1-inch iPhone XR success or no, some experts are of the opinion that the smartphone was not a hit. The reason for this are the confirmed leaks from Apple’s manufacturing partners, which reduced the rate of production of the iPhone XR by 25%. Today authoritative analysts Counterpoint Research said the reasons for which iPhone XR is not yet justified the high expectations of Apple.

In Counterpoint Research believe that the key reason is not a record demand for the iPhone XR is the General status of the smartphone market. In the last two years smartphone sales in the world for the first time began to decrease. The market has perenasytil, including because of the activity of Chinese manufacturers of smartphones that release dozens of new models every year.

The second main reason is weak by the standards of Apple’s iPhone sales XR called overpriced smartphone. Analysts believe that at a price of $749 buyers want to the flagship smartphone. Despite the fact that the iPhone is XR not inferior to the flagship iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, the smartphone is still not recognized as a flagship.

Analysts said that iPhone sales XR can not arrange the leadership of Apple. In this regard, the company will try to change the strategy of sales of new smartphones in the next few years. However, what changes are planned, the company is currently unknown.


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