Many consider the iPhone the most sold product of Apple company. However, it turns out that this is not so. The smartphone brings Apple a significant share of the profits, but the most sold product is AirPods headphones. To such conclusion experts of the cloud platform Ceros.

Analysts had estimated the popularity of Apple products in the trading network Best Buy in the us and canadian market. It turned out that at the end of 2016 best selling Apple product was meter cable Lightning-to-USB 2.0. Analysts attribute this to the fact that the accessory did not differ durability. Therefore, users often had to change it. High popularity among visitors to the stores Best Buy is also used Earpods and Apple TV.


About a year later the situation has changed. The users have ceased to be so much interested in the cables and wired headphones. The leader of sales became AirPods, which are steadily in high demand today. In 2018 also wireless headphones users also often purchase the Lightning adapter with 3.5 mm audio Jack and a number of other cables.

We will remind that earlier some industry analysts say the the Apple branded wireless headphones one of the most interesting products in its niche. This is what experts explained the high popularity of AirPods.


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