The organization of the Society for Information Display (SID) held the 25th on account of the award of Display Industry Awards 2019. The award recognizes the best in terms of technology and quality screens for wearable devices, TVs, cars and other equipment. This year the award was given to three of the screen. Among the winners was the Apple watch.

The experts noted that Apple has managed to equip the Apple Watch Series 4 great sized screen, without changing the dimensions of the device. They also managed to improve the energy efficiency of the display. It is for these reasons the Apple Watch Series 4 and received high awards.

As mentioned above, the award of Display Industry Awards 2019 received three devices. In addition to the Apple watch SID the experts also noted the modular 8K Samsung TV to The Wall, made with microLED technology and the company behind Sony Crystal LED Display.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first year receives awards the Display Industry Awards. In the past this distinction was marked by displays iPhone X and iPad Pro.


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