It would be a logical step for banks.

Russian experts believe that in 2019 Bank transfers from card to card can become more profitable. Leading Russian banks want to make the translation more accessible to the Russians, as in 2018 the number of transfers has increased, while the average amount of sent money, on the contrary, decreased.

From card to card

In 2018, Russia has seen a boom in remittances from card to card. According to representatives of banks from the top 30, the number of transfers per year has increased twice. The average amount of remittances has decreased by 12% and amounted to 8208 rubles.

Experts believe that banks are closely watching the situation and think what to do with the transaction fees in the future. One of the most likely solutions for banks is the reduction of the transfer fees several times. If this happens, transfers will begin to enjoy even greater popularity, which would increase the income of banks, the expert Timur Nigmatullin.

Particularly strong growth will happen in case if Russia will launch a special system of quick payments, which can be used as simple as possible. The authorities have already started to think about creating a similar system, but concrete steps in this direction have not yet been.


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