Not the most pleasant prognosis.

Mobile operators MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2 returned tariffs with unlimited Internet in August and September 2018. Tariff plans with unlimited was not available from operators in a year and a half, so they immediately arouse much interest among subscribers. However, Russian experts fear that in 2019, tariffs with unlimited Internet again disappears.

According to experts, the operators had originally planned only to run temporarily tariffs with unlimited Internet in order to “stir up” the market. In fact, operators such tariffs is unprofitable, experts believe.

The reason is that for low tariffs with unlimited Internet pass subscribers with more expensive service plans. As a result, even though the subscribers and start to receive fewer services, but they pay significantly less money. Because of this providing tariff plans with completely unlimited Internet is not profitable for the operators.

None of the operators of the “big four” at the moment, has declared that the tariffs with unlimited Internet in the future will be lost. In this regard, the words of experts can be regarded as preliminary concerns. Moreover, according to representatives of MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2, tariff plans with unlimited Internet are very popular among subscribers.

Source: TF.


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