If your smartphone is already a couple of years, the battery may not be enough even for a day. This does not mean that the manufacturer is specifically limited to the lifetime of the gadget. Just modern lithium-ion batteries has an average of 500-1000 charge cycles. Just after two or three years, they stop, and someone before. Of course, you can use this as an excuse to buy a new smartphone. But if the old suits everyone, then one solution is to change the battery.

Previously, it was easier: many manufacturers have produced smartphones with replaceable batteries, and put the new one could almost anyone — no special skills or tools are required. But with a light hand Apple in Vogue built-in battery. In order to change them, you need to open the smartphone, risking it to break.

The battery will be happy to replace in branded service centers. For most popular Android smartphones it will cost 3-6 thousand rubles. With iPhone too, no problems, and for older models this service costs less than two thousand. But for devices last and penultimate lines, the replacement battery will be significantly more expensive — from 8 thousand. However, you can save a little, said the head of the HiTech Mail.ru Dmitry Ryabinin:

Dmitry Ryabinin, head of the HiTech Mail.ru “as for the iPhone, prices from informal services to approximately 1-3 thousand rubles for replacement components for older models — 5S, SE and the like, and about 5 to 10 thousand rubles for a new model iPhone X and above. As for Android, the same year the repair is significantly cheaper, approximately two times, but may have problems with availability of components. If the model is rare, and the more you have to wait for parts on order, you might even get more expensive.”

Does it make sense to refer to informal services after the intervention to which the unit may fail, which is unlikely you compensate?

Eldar Murtazin, leading analyst Mobile Research Group “private Owners put aftermarket components, including batteries. You are never sure how well they will disassemble your machine, they violate its tightness against water or not and how long will last the battery. And in an authorized or branded service center the probability of this is extremely small: most likely, make repairs efficiently, and original accessories. But it is significantly more expensive.”

In any case replacing the battery will cause much less damage to the wallet than buying a new smartphone. If the old machine you like to change the battery can safely. And probably better to do it at authorized service centers: you may pay a little more, but be sure that things get done.

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