The battery capacity of the average smartphone of 2019 varies from 3000 to 3700 mAh. Battery of smaller capacity are extremely rare, and a more capacious battery installed in mobile phones with very large screen in buildings where. Typically, a normal smartphone runs out of power for a couple of days, but what if charging is short, and ahead of a trip of three to five days, in which there will be no outlet nearby?

Here we need a very good external power supply — portable battery, whose capacity exceeds the capacity of the battery of the smartphone at least twice. What to go to more drastic measures? As you compact external battery capacity of 20,000 mAh, which fits in a pocket or shoulder bag? I think this does not happen? More as it happens! Today, such as the time we have to review, and it’s called the start of the Swan (model number P20P-B). It is already available in the Russian retail, though both online and offline. Let’s see, what is this piece of modern electronics.


START Swan will meet you at the store, that is, face — in his cardboard box has a plastic insert, through which is seen the battery. The color of the box bright yellow, downright citric, which allows it to stand out among other batteries from the beginning.

The top of the box will tell you about the battery’s capacity and partially on the package, and the bottom is more detailed information about the manufacturer, the importer and directly on the technical characteristics of the device. The manufacturer has listed all the most important components on which the potential buyer will make a selection. Sides are extra useful information contain. Very minimalist packaging START Swan allows to get maximum information about the gadget, and it is not required.


Supplied in case, the START of the Swan is very Spartan. In the box in addition to charger, you’ll only find the power cable microUSB 2.0 white (despite the fact that the battery painted black) and the manual. Although she is small, but very capacious — it contains all the necessary information for those who have never used the accessories of this kind. In our opinion, the set is clearly not enough adapter to at least USB C to be able to charge a modern Android smartphones tablets Apple iPad Pro. Of course, you can use the cable supplied with your gadget, but it is not always possible and not always convenient.

Specifications START Swan the buyer, as mentioned above, find the box with the device, plus they are duplicated in the user and partially on the housing of the battery. All sources provide identical information without discrepancies. — battery type: Li-polymer; capacity: 20,000 mAh; interfaces: 2хUSB 2.0 (output), microUSB 2.0 (input); — power settings USB 1: 5V, 2.1 A, 10.5 watts; — power settings USB 2: 5V, 2.1 A, 10.5 watts; — power settings microUSB: 5B, 2A, 10 W total USB output: 5V, 2.1 A; material: plastic; body color: black; — charging indication: there is a monochrome LCD display with backlight; — service life: 3 years or 500 charge cycles; — the period of storage prior to the operation: 5 years; — operating temperature and storage: 0 to +40 degrees Celsius; — dimensions: 140х69х27 mm; — weight: 407 grams.


Case the start of the Swan is painted completely black, and its only decoration is a beautiful texture on the top and bottom faces. The case is all matte, no glossy inserts, with the exception of glass, factory sealed protective film and closing the screen. The display itself is displayed in the upper left corner of the front panel.

The bottom and left side of the case not doing anything, whereas on the right side button switch, it is a button display — short press on it activates the screen with the battery level in percent. Three interface ports placed on the top side, and under each additionally signed how to connect your gadgets to charge, and to any network memory for energy.

Also on the bottom there is a short list of characteristics to always know the capabilities of the input and output connectors.


START Swan is the oblong enclosure that easily fits in a male hand of average size. Through more than a solid tank, the weight is very good and pleasant it is felt that, coupled with the brutal appearance makes it suitable more for men than for women. On the other hand, if you use it as a table memory and not wear it at all times, the mass will no longer play a role.

It is very important that the power button is located flush with the body — it greatly reduces the possibility of accidentally pressing it and turning on the battery. The screen is large, the illumination light purple color is very bright, thereby to determine the remaining battery charge can be in the dead of night, and in the bright light of the sun. The ports are spaced relative to each other — this gives you the ability to connect three cables, and they just will not interfere with each other. We were convinced of it personally during the test.

Check the capacity the Manufacturer declares the START of Swan capacity at 20,000 mAh. To check will use smartphones BQ Aurora 6200L (battery capacity 3000 mAh), Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (4000 mAh) and Xiaomi Mi 2 Max (5300 mAh). Smartphones are widely used in the wording, so we agree on the residual capacity of their batteries to level 2500, 3500 and 5000 mAh respectively. Let’s start with Mi Max 2 — divide 20 000 by 5000 and get the ability to charge this smartphone exactly 4 times. In the experiment, START Swan had the 3.8 charge — in the latter case, the battery level has reached 95%. Further, the Redmi Note 4 and more than five potential full charges. Five times smartphone charged without difficulty, for the sixth time remaining to the START of Swan energy will be enough for 80% of the battery charge smartphone. BQ Aurora honestly charged all eight possible times (20 000 divide by 2500, get 8). From this we conclude that the capacity of START Swan plus-minus is as claimed by the manufacturer. During charging smartphones START Swan is not heated and extraneous sounds are not published.

Charging time of the start of the Swan can be called a fast source of energy — two of port is served on 10.5 watts of energy. Redmi Note 4, for example, to be charged for 2 hours. If you connect two gadget at the same time, charging speed, of course, falls to approximately 7.5 watts. It is not so much, but still more than issue the standard 5-watt network the chargers supplied with many smartphones.

Energy recovery it all depends on which network charging you connect the START of the Swan. We used a 10-watt charger, as recommended by the manufacturer, and got about 10 hours. That is, to the next morning to a fully charged powerbank such an impressive capacity, enough to put it to charge overnight.

Attempt to use a more powerful 18-watt charging bore fruit — the cooldown was reduced to 7 hours, but in this mode the battery is noticeably warm. When using the memory with the required parameters, the heating is completely absent.

The pros START Swan — huge capacity corresponding to the declared; — the possibility of charging two devices — a bright intuitive display of the charge; fast charge; — compact size, taking into account the capacity.

Cons of START Swan — lack of a set of adapters on USB-C and Lightning.

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