Facebook will remove its app Onavo VPN from the official Google Play store due to the recent scandal that erupted amid the investigation conducted by TechCrunch. Recall that the strong reaction of the public was aroused by the information that the social network paid to teenagers for the installation of the application that was watching them.

Thus, the project Onavo stops to collect user data for various market research. However, the function of a VPN for some time will remain, for users to be able to find a decent replacement.

Also Facebook will cease to attract users to the initiative of Facebook Research, which is still active on the Android platform, however, was long ago rejected by Apple for iOS.

Onavo has received its popularity due to a statement that the application “restricts the program to use background data” also claimed that “Onavo uses a secure VPN to protect user’s personal data”.

However, it also discovered pitfalls, the app also can capture and transmit the amount of time you spend in certain applications, mobile data and Wi-Fi, web sites, and information about the device.

Last month Facebook was caught in another questionable campaign. This time the brainchild of Zuckerberg paid users for installing VPN “Facebook Research” that collects data on the use of smartphone and Internet activity.

And in August last year we wrote that Onavo Protect free VPN client from Facebook, has been removed from the official App store. Apple believed that the application violates the policy of the store, collecting user data.

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