The company Facebook is working on its own voice assistant that, as expected, can compete with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. As reported by CNBC, this project is the Department which deals with products of virtual reality. Because it is possible that the idea is to create a helper for VR-helmets or smart columns

Development began in the early 2018, but there is no information about how soon the novelty will enter the market. Also it is difficult to say how “smart” will be the assistant. However, if market entry, assistant, Facebook will face tough competition from Amazon and Google, which last year took 67% and 30% of this market in the United States.

Also note that in 2015, Facebook has released an AI assistant for your app Messenger called M. He had to replace the keyboard with voice input, but the popularity of the project is not used, because in 2018, it was closed.

It is not excluded that the new product will first appear in smart columns with screen Portal that allow users to make video calls using Facebook Messenger. While these systems use the Amazon Alexa, but in the future this may change.

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