Are you ready for the advent of another media player? Cheddar according to reports, Facebook is working on a media player, which will be located on your TV, it will have a camera and apps for streaming.

It is also reported that the new device is codenamed “Ripley” and will come with Facebook Watch together with third-party streaming services. The device can be used for video chat with friends and family using the TV.

Facebook will face problems in the confrontation with Roku, Amazon and Apple, which in the United States and around the world sold millions of devices. However, Facebook has very loyal followers, which can help them to intervene in the leadership of these companies. And then there is the question of how Americans trust Facebook to put in your living room with their camera.

The new “Ripley” will be released in the spring of 2019. But this date may change as the testing continues.

SOURCE: Cord Cutters News

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