The founder of the encyclopedia Emoji Emojipedia Jeremy Burge has found that Facebook uses users ‘ phone numbers not only for targeted advertising. In the search for the social network tied to your account mobile used for two-factor authentication, you can find any person.

According to Burge, earlier, when Facebook was proposed to link the room, she mentioned that the procedure is necessary to “protect your account”. However, from September 2018, the developers have added in the text two words “and more”, thus expanding the possibilities for use of user data.

Berge also found that in the Facebook settings, the default is that any user can find a page owner by phone number. Hide it entirely is not possible — users is available only three points: access for all, for friends and friends of friends.

During the discussion of the situation in the Twitter users also reported that the social network shares a phone number with Instagram and WhatsApp, other products. Moreover, in the case where accounts are not tied to Facebook.

The representative of the social network declined to tell TechCrunch will appear in the settings the option to hide the room from everyone. Thus he explained why this information is available to all by default — this makes it easier to search for people you know, but with whom you are not yet friends.

Earlier reported that Facebook filed a lawsuit in U.S. Federal court on four companies and three people from China for selling fake accounts, likes and followers. The scammers in their order used false accounts of such giants of the digital economy such as Amazon, Apple, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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