According to The Wall Street Journal, social network Facebook is ready to add the possibility to make payments through Messenger, if banks are to share information about other customer transactions.

Representatives of Facebook are in talks with the largest banks of the USA that enable social network users to transfer funds to each other and to make purchases via Messenger.

With this proposal, the social network has already approached JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citygroup Inc. and U. S. Bancorp. Facebook says the feature, which would reflect the balances in the accounts of the users and could warn them of suspicious charges.

However, after the recent scandal involving the company Cambridge Analytica, banks doubt reliability Facebook. They rightly fear that sensitive user data can get shared and used for unfair advertising of goods or services, despite the assurances of representatives of the social network not to.

“We do not use data on the purchase from banks or companies which issued credit cards, for advertising.

We also will not start a special relationship, do not establish partnerships and do not conclude contracts with banks or credit card issuers to use information about customers ‘ purchases for advertising,” — said the head of global corporate communications Facebook Elisabeth Diana.

Banks face pressure when trying to go on a major online platform with billions of users to attract more customers and increase the number of mobile payments. As a rule, representatives of these services require you to betray them control over the performed transactions.

For example, Facebook has requested information on where users shop and pay with your credit or debit card, outside Messenger. Access the same data asked banks Google and Amazon when discussing cooperation.

Representatives of JPMorgan have already rejected such proposals because they do not intend to share information about customer transactions.

The American banking sector remains conservative and slow to adopt innovation.

Yet Facebook was able to enter into transactions only with PayPal, American Express and Mastercard, whose representatives noted that the algorithms of social network information is available to the map user.


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