It seems that Samsung like to use iPhone.

Samsung is known for its aggressive marketing and multiple attempts to mock Apple. You can recall the recent advertisementin which Samsung portrayed iPhone X very stupid man with a Bang in the form of a cutout on the screen. However, despite all attacks, even the employees themselves are Samsung iPhone, including for the promotion of new models of smartphones.

Recently in one of the Samsung account on Twitter appeared publication on Galaxy Note9 and its magnificent display. All anything, but the message was sent by employees of Samsung with iPhone, as indicated by the signature at the bottom of the tweet.

Samsung responded to the publication of a failure message rather slowly. Moreover, the company hastily deleted the entire account on which the error occurred. Later it was rebuilt, but sent from iPhone advertising messages, it has not been found.

It is noteworthy that the employees of the company Samsung is not the first time allow such blunders. Earlier in 2018 similar promotional tweet in support Galaxy Note9 was also sent from iPhone. Apparently, Samsung is actively used iPhone.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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