No, the miracle did not happen — 5G for iPhone appeared.

Some users who installed on Monday released iOS 12.2 beta 2, started to display an icon 5G. Sudden “connection” to the networks of the fifth generation, which at the moment is not running EN masse in any country, surprised users.

The part of iPhone users running iOS 12.2 beta 2 there was an icon “5G E”. The notification that iPhone is connected to the network of the fifth generation of confused users who didn’t realise why.

However, the deal has been fast enough. Of course, this is not about that, starting with iOS 12.2 Apple will support 5G. This is not possible, none of the corny iPhone from the technical side.

It turned out that all the fault of the mobile operator AT&T. It is on the iPhone with SIM cards of this operator started to display an icon “5G E”. What is most interesting, “5G E”, despite the loud name, has nothing to 5G networks.

“5G E” is the designation of special networks AT&T is “Evolution”. The maximum possible speed of data transmission in such networks is 400 Mbps, which is far away from 5G and coincides with the traditional LTE speed. To the operator AT&T has gone a lot of criticism for that controversial decision.

Source: MR.


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