Mike Fisher earns a living creating accessories for the equipment of the old, fallen trees. This time he made a stand for the iMac, reports Cult of Mac.

Trade and store Forest City Mike are in the USA, Rockford, Illinois. Manufacturer of elegant wooden stands, his company Heartwood deals in 2015, and now it can boast two new models in the line Understands.

Wooden shelf Butler

Butler is a wooden shelf cost 69 USD, which is attached to the leg of the iMac, and helps to keep Desk clean. It is possible to put additional hard drives, chargers and computer wires.

Wooden stand Evo

Evo – wood stand for iMac worth 109 US dollars, which raises the monitor to an optimum level and also clears the space. We have several variations which everything else can include drawers for cords, pens and other office supplies. At Heartwood there is even a model for two monitors.

The History Of Heartwood

The idea of creating your own company first came to Fisher in the head many years ago. Then he passed a love note to the high school girl in a wooden box made with your own hands. In 1987, he left College to form Heartwood, and began making birdhouses for the swallows and chests for jewelry.

Now, according to the web site of the company, Heartland, more than 2.7 million customers that have at least one, but bought a product tank.


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