Interest in smartphones is not the same.

In 2018, leading analysts have recognized that the smartphones, not only iPhone, there were problems. The smartphone market has perenasytil and ceased to grow — consumers we don’t need a new smartphone, as before. And user surveys confirm this. The last large-scale survey of fans of Apple technology revealed that the most awaited device of the company in 2019 is not iPhone 11.

In the survey of foreign 9to5Mac participated more than 9 thousand fans of Apple technology. They were asked to choose the most expected Apple product in 2019, the benefit of the probable list of new products formed.

The survey showed that the most long-awaited new Apple in 2019 for a larger number of users are AirPods wireless headphones second generation. Moreover, the interviewed users said that even if Apple will release a slightly updated version of the AirPods, but not a full 2 AirPods, the headphones do not become any less desirable.

Updated AirPods recognized as the most awaited Apple device in 2019 17.9% of respondents. New iPhone 11 and 11 iPhone Max was on the second place with relatively little lag. The next flagships of Apple are stronger just waiting for 15.8% of respondents. In third place in the list of the most anticipated devices, the new MacBook.

The survey also showed that consumers truly minimal interest in the new iPhone XR 2019. Their votes for the smartphone gave only 1.7% of users. iPhone XR new generation was the least-anticipated Apple device in 2019.

Earlier, analysts said that Apple will not be able to cancel the launch of the iPhone XR 2019 even if such a desire would appear. The smartphone is at this stage of development, just forget about it already will not work.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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