The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) initiated an Antimonopoly case against Russian “daughter” Samsung “Samsung Elektroniks Rus KOMPANI”. At the same time the service is ordered to provide information about the prices of smartphones and tablets manufacturer dozens of retail chains on sales of digital equipment. Among them was OOO “BPS retail” and JSC “Technopoint” reports KONKURENT.RU.

“The FAS of Russia came to the conclusion that the actions of OOO “Samsung Elektroniks Rus KOMPANI” contains signs of coordinating economic activities of the Russian Resellers of Samsung smartphones and tablets, which led to the establishment and maintenance of prices on a number of models,” — said in the definition about assignment of the case published on the website of the FAS.

From now on, shall be specified in the order, re-sellers are required to submit to FAS the list of Samsung models that are implemented in retail outlets. Among a dozen networks appear, OOO “BPS Retail” and JSC “Technopoint”.

FAS has repeatedly revealed violations of the Antimonopoly legislation on the Russian market of smartphones in particular, Apple and LG. In 2017, the Federal Antimonopoly service has fined Russian “daughter” Apple “Apple Rus” to 1.75 million RUB over the coordination of prices on iPhone 5-th and 6-th generation. In the fall of 2018, the FAS said that it will not initiate proceedings on the complaint for possible collusion in setting prices on Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max in retail, but will continue to monitor the situation on the market.

In early 2018, the FAS accused of the same violation of the “daughter” LG “LG electronics Rus”. According to FAS, she used a special program to monitor the prices of smartphones from retailers. In addition, they provide the vendor information on non-compliance with recommended retail prices of competitors. “Daughter” of the LG, the FAS has fined 2.5 million rubles In this case also were involved in OOO “BPS Retail”, which was subsequently fined. However, later the arbitration court “CSN Retail” repulsed the attack of the FAS.

OOO “BPS Retail” is a subsidiary of OOO “DNS Groups”, the main owners are Dmitry Alekseev (48,7%) and Yuri Karptsov (43,88%). JSC “Technopoint” also belongs to the group of DNS, the major shareholders here all the same — Dmitry Alekseev (43.89 per cent) and Yuri Karptsov (43.89 per cent).

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