Verification may begin in the coming days.

The Federal Antimonopoly service intends to bring a case against Samsung. The South Korean company is suspected of coordinating the prices of smartphones in Russia. This was announced by Deputy head of Department Andrey tsarikovskiy.

According to Tsarikovsky, the case against Samsung will be filed “in the next 7-10 days.” The company will check for signs of coordination of prices for smartphones in Russia. In particular, the FAS will find out, it does not compel Samsung to install its authorized retailers in Russia are identical prices on smartphones.

Initially, the FAS decided to make a case against Samsung back in September of last year after several complaints from consumers. But for unspecified reasons, the decision had to be postponed.

FAS regularly conducts such inspections, including against Apple. However, FAS was unable to find violations in the pricing of the iPhone in Russia. In the case of the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR the Agency has tested pre-tested in a few weeks after the release of smartphones. Signs coordination of pricing was observed.

However, this does not prevent the retailers set identical prices on the iPhone and even make large but identical discounts. The last such mass discounts have been made a few days ago.

Source: Kommersant.


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