MOSCOW, 29 Jan — RIA Novosti. Apple may have preinstalled anti-virus software in Russia for the sale of its devices in Russia, despite the fact that the company itself now does not use anti-virus software. This was reported by RIA Novosti Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia Anatoly Golomolzin.

In August, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to prepare a law establishing requirements to smartphones and computers predustanavlivat domestic software products. The document must be prepared by the Ministry of communications and the Federal Antimonopoly service by April 2019.

On Friday FAS has informed that has finished the discussion of the concept of preloading the Russian applications on mobile devices and computers. Service offers to preinstall browsers, map service, instant messenger and anti-virus software. The choice of software and procedure preset will be for device manufacturers. The implementation of the concept, according to FAS, should provide for the Russian developers of equal conditions of activity in the market and protect the interests of consumers.

Apple itself calls the best way to protect devices work with the latest version of the software. Also all the apps and files that are downloaded to the device are checked for malicious content, and the stored data is protected by encryption.

“Yes,” said the Golomolzin on the question, will Apple within the concept to preinstall the Russian anti-virus software on their devices for sale in Russia.

Mention whether the domestic application is to replace foreign analogues without any loss of quality, Deputy head of the FAS said that the question of a complete replacement of the software is not. “We are not talking about replacement, and the possibility of additional choice. And for more suggestions of Russian developers in terms of quality and ease of use competitive. The ultimate choice for users,” said the Golomolzin.

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