Experts of analytical company Juniper Research estimated that by 2024, people will spend $90 billion from their mobile accounts to pay for digital content and subscriptions to services.

The flourishing mobile payments via operators when in Russia was in 2007-2009. Then there was a real boom in subscriptions to content and SMS payments. Due to the many complaints about withdraw funds from the balance of the Russian operators have become more cautious attitude to the provision of such services and have reduced their volume. However, experts predict that in the coming years the share of payment for digital purchases from a mobile accounts will grow to 20%.

Many operators already practice alternative forms of mobile services. For example, “MegaFon” together with “Immediately” and subscribe to it included in the cost of your plan. MTS allows pay Apple Music subscription with mobile account.

Researchers believe that in 2019 operators around the world will conduct mobile payments in the amount of $28 billion. By 2024, this figure will rise to $90 billion.

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