Sony in late August, has delighted fans by releasing the flagship Xperia XZ3. The device is so extraordinary, especially by the standards of the conservative brand — the previous flagships almost did not differ from each other. Immediately Sony has reworked the design, first used the AMOLED screen and have implemented many of his fantasies. Collected here are impressions of the device after a few days of use, and in a few weeks will be a full review. As they say, stay tuned…

New design

Before smartphones Sony was awkward and baggy. But this year, the company has off the beaten track and attempted to update the appearance of their models. And it succeeded, albeit with reservations.

On the one hand, enjoy Sony devices easier. On the other — now has more in common with its competitors: the same slicked corners and elongated screen. But the devil is in the details. Take, for example, the influx of metal frame under the USB type-C, or flawless symmetry elements on the back of the device. Like little things, but they Xperia XZ3 is perceived special.

Separately want to note the color — the Japanese are traditionally strong. Test smartphone “green”, but in fact it is a very rich blend of green and blue tones, a game that under different light is fascinating.

Ergonomics is not exactly so. Smooth corners and edges it is certainly a plus, but what he’s slippery! Hold it with gloves is no easy task. There are also issues to the scanner a finger: last year’s models it was on the end, now located on the back cover, as many of its competitors. But not to be like everyone else, Sony has placed the scanner is very low. Instead, the finger often touches the “eye” of the camera, then the lens has to be scrubbed from the prints.

Best screen

Correction: one of the best. Independent Agency Strategy Analytics conducted a study with 202 respondents, who were asked to choose the smartphone with the best display. In experiment took part Apple iPhone X P20 Huawei, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S9, Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ3 — hero article received 70% of all votes.

True, at first glance, the display is not to find fault: it is bright, supercontrast, the color reproduction is natural. But the colleague with the iPhone X believes that the picture is slightly loose. Which is strange, because the resolution of the Sony above. Perhaps the reason is the structure of pixels in different AMOLED-matrices it is different.

It is difficult to assess how much the screen has a pronounced effect PWM (flickering backlight, typical AMOLED). A few days with the smartphone fatigue has not arisen, but need a longer test. In any case, we will tell you all about it in our detailed review.

Media capabilities

The device has a front-facing stereo speakers that, combined with a great screen makes viewing videos very enjoyable experience. But a 3.5 mm audio Jack is not here — either use the adapter or wireless headphones. For the latter, by the way, there is a Protocol LDAC, which is good for transmitting high-quality audio.

Unusual is a function of the dynamic vibration. Built-in vibration motor working in time with the music, video or game. The usefulness of such support is questionable, but one should give credit — the vibration itself is very nice. Not as the Taptic Engine, but it is much better rattling Chinese smartphone.

To assess Xperia XZ3 in games have not yet succeeded. Inside are a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 845 and 4 GB of RAM, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Although the amount of RAM by the standards of flagships is small, so it’s worth checking how things are with multitasking.

The camera does not like at all

What also distinguishes the Xperia XZ3 on the General background — the main camera. While competitors compete in a number of lenses, Sony is refining the scheme from one module. So, this year he learned how to shoot slow motion video at 960 FPS at 1080P, and while no other firm is not able to repeat this.

The frustrating lack of optical image stabilization and small by today’s standards aperture (only f/2.0). Because of this, pictures in the dark can be noisy and blurry. However, the photo of the tree on Lubyanka square, a good all — bright lights not perenochevat frame, the noise is noticeable only when examined at the monitor.


Powered smartphone running Android 9.0 Pie with a proprietary shell. It is pretty much the “chips” of varying degrees of usefulness, but most importantly — she is very responsive and slightly loads the system.

The battery capacity of 3330 mAh. Not as many as some competitors, but the last word always for optimization. When a member scenarios of use (hours of web surfing, half an hour video, regular checking of social networks) the night remains about 30% charge.

In General

After a few days Sony Xperia XZ3 leaves an interesting impression. In its design many common elements, but they are collected in an unusual combination. The screen is beautiful, albeit not better than the latest iPhone. Camera one, but with twists. And all this feels like expensive finished product, which, however, is expensive. Is it worth to pay 60 thousand for not like other smartphone? The final answer will give a full review, but yet I want to answer “Yes”. Moreover, the General background is not so much.

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