In the autumn the presentation, Apple showed not only a smartwatch and its new flagship smartphones, but easier – iPhone Xr. Traditionally, one of the first with the novelty and were able to meet journalists of major Western media. Looking ahead, we can say that some iPhone Xr will like it even more top-end smartphone Apple sample of 2018.

For example, the authors of The Verge drew attention to the fact that the new 6.1-inch Apple smartphone looks very fresh and interesting. Especially cool he looks in coral and red colors. In addition, iPhone Xr weighs slightly less the iPhone Xs, so it feels better in the hand. After a few minutes of using this device the authors came to the conclusion that this year, many users will prefer the iPhone Xr. 6.1-inch smartphone has many chips the older models, but it looks bright and is somewhat cheaper.

To similar conclusions after first meeting came the authors of TechCrunch. They believe that if users do not need two basic camera, 3D Touch and OLED display, the choice will fall on iPhone Xr. In addition, this model is somewhat cheaper flagships and access to a bright and stylish colors.

The authors Mashble liked not only the appearance a 6.1-inch Apple smartphone, but its main camera. Despite the absence of a second lens, iPhone Xr is quite capable of doing high-quality images and photos with background blur. But most of all delight, of course, caused color. Especially browser like iPhone Mashable Xr in bright yellow color.

Engadget is called iPhone Xr one of the most interesting novelties of Apple. Despite the large number of leaks, the smartphone was able to surprise – especially the unusual and bright colors. But in addition to interesting colours in the apparatus also has a good filling and the support of many chips that are in the iPhone Xs.


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