Warming cosmetics for rejuvenation

Shiseido received a patent for anti-aging tool to improve skin temperature which improves blood circulation. The basis component of dihydro-β-ionol, it increases the temperature of the skin. The company plans to create several such products: from lipsticks and fragrances to face creams.

Cosmetics in the menstrual cycle

Lately in the beauty industry, the concept of new products based on the rhythms of the menstrual cycle. Obviously, this will be the new marketing trap, because while evidence of a relationship cycle and the impact of cosmetics no. Scientists have discovered a link between the biological clock and the condition of the skin. While manufacturers of cosmetics analysts and marketing agencies rely on evidence that the hormonal background of women is constantly changing. In this regard, a particular cosmetic product can work. For example, a young Korean brand Toun28 offers customized products for different areas of the face, designed according to the diagnostic results of the skin, which is carried out within a 28-day cycle.

Antimicrobial makeup tools

Company Cosmogen and Pylote are going to release the accessories for applying makeup. Innovation will be that funds will not need regular disinfecting to avoid the germs on the skin. Due to the special mineral microspheres, which will eliminate the microorganisms during use of the product by the consumer.

UV sensor

L’oréal and Apple announced the release of a new device from La Roche-Posay My UV Skin Track, which is a small sensor size 6 to 12 mm, operating without a battery. The device is activated from the sun and measures the UV rays. Through the app, the gadget will analyze the quality of the sun, to track the extent of human exposure to contamination and humidity and help to provide guidance on choosing the appropriate cosmetics to protect.

Foam with antibiotics for acne

Currently, the company Foamix Pharmaceuticals is testing a new drug for topical application. The product in the form of foam will be used for the treatment of acne. The main difference is the lack of side effects peculiar to such means. In the product is minocycline used to treat bacterial infections.

A vaccine for acne

Scientist Chang-Ming Huang, University of California, San Diego conducted a study which showed that the antibodies secreted from the bacteria cause acne, can reduce inflammation. The world’s first vaccine for acne is designed to reduce the body’s inflammatory response to toxins released by bacteria in the skin. It is important that the drug will not change the skin microbiome.

A sensor for determining dehydration

Scientists from North Carolina state University have created a sensor to diagnose dehydration. The device can be bonded by a special adhesive or to wear as a bracelet. “We have developed a technology that allows you to track the degree of hydration of the individual in real time. This sensor can be used to protect the health of people working in hot conditions, to improve athletic training and safety training, to determine dehydration in the elderly or patients with relevant diagnoses. In addition, the sensor can be used for testing cosmetics, because it lets you know how well it moisturizes the skin for a certain drug,” says Yong Zhu, one of the authors of the device.

The tattoo ink out of the hair

Brand SKIN46 created the technology to extract pure carbon from human hair and turn it into the tattoo ink. Currently, the issue of financing of the project.

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