Apple invented a special system.

Just a week after the presentation of the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X Apple received a new patent that describes one of the possible features of the iPhone foldable. Apple has developed technology that will allow foldable iPhone is not off in the cold.

In the patent Apple describes the solution to the problems associated with the risk of disconnecting the iPhone due to low temperatures. Apple has developed a technology that allows the curved part of the display to be heated by activation of the pixels in this screen area.

Due to this solved the problem with the use of foldable smartphones in the cold. Folding displays can be damaged by bending during operation in low temperature. A similar problem also exists in folding smartphone Samsung and Huawei. How it’s solved there the representatives of these companies did not elaborate.

The appearance of Apple’s patents related to iPhone foldable, does not mean that the company indeed plans to launch an analogue of Fold Galaxy and Huawei Mate X. However, they show that the company is actively working in this direction.

Source: MR.


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