First Director of the Studio Larissa Matyukhina and her team spoke about the project “Foreign language for effective business”. It is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to buy products abroad or are planning to bring their product to the international level.

“It all started with the fact that one of the friendly companies have turned to us for help in talks with the German suppliers. This case was a Wake-up call. We realized we need to open the scope for business — said Larissa Matyukhina. We decided that we are specialists “ambulance” in the realization of your projects. Our team of instructors in English, French, Spanish and German there is also a Japanese language teacher. If someone wants to submit a business on the Islands, you are welcome.”

The project participants will not only learn a foreign language, but also have the negotiating skills and business correspondence, make presentations, and promotional materials in the selected language. The program also includes lectures about the experience of companies such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Lego, Rolex.

Another advantage of the project, the Studio Director called flexibility. The program will be adjusted under the needs of each individual company. It includes vocabulary.

The second project — “Education abroad”. The Studio has partnered with the University Sophia Antipolis in nice, and customers now have the “talker” have the opportunity to learn English and French with nositelyami in absolute immersion in the environment of Anglo and French-speaking people

“One of the faculties of the University is in a huge castle Von Derviz. Imagine what is the relationship of France and our Kyritz! — shared Larissa Matyukhina. — We plan during predavanja in France to give lessons, three hours per day, and the rest leave free, so students could see the city, socialize with native speakers — and not only French, to soak in the local atmosphere.”

The Studio received the official letter of cooperation from the President of the Russian Association in France. This is the official document that will help students to obtain a visa, explained the Director.

Project participants can become adults and children over 11 years old (accompanied by their parents or just in the group). The Studio has made several courses lasting from one to three weeks.

“This unique project I brought back from France to Ryazan on Monday and immediately went to the rector of RSU. I got huge support for his ideas. Already recruited a group of students who will go to France in the summer. We plan to organize exchange of students,” added Larissa Matyukhina.

Came entrepreneurs interested in projects. They noted an interesting approach, confident stance and professionalism of the team “talker”.

The meeting ended with a reception with Goodies imported from France.

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