Tomorrow, September 21, will begin official sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone. As in previous years, the hype about the new Apple smartphones serious. In front of Apple stores in different countries, queues of hundreds of people. Many people are in the queue for more than a day and intend to stand in order to buy the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max before the other a dozen hours.

The price does not bother anyone

iPhone XS iPhone XS Max steel is cheaper than the iPhone X, in spite of analysts ‘ forecasts. Moreover, the maximum cost of new smartphones increased significantly. However, it does not bother wishing to purchase new items first.

At the Apple store in Singapore was formed, perhaps, the greatest place. Two days before the start of sales had more than 250 people. People brought food, sleeping bags and other Essentials for a two day waiting of start of sales iPhone.

In other countries, the excitement is no less. In the U.S., Apple stores also have a line of dozens of people. Many of standing in queues admit that they plan to buy a few iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. One for yourself, and the rest for sale to earnings.

And earn really happens. As in previous years, in many countries there is a shortage for new iPhone, in particular, on the most purchased model. These smartphones will be sold for a large profit.

The iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in Russia is scheduled for September 28. In Russia, these queues are expected. As shown by a recent survey in our group in “Vkontakte”, only 14% of respondents plan to purchase one of the new Apple smartphones.


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