Who will win big?

The company Zerodium, which is known fact that pays the hackers and developers for the discovery of various vulnerabilities, announced an increase in rewards for completing iOS 12. Zerodium will pay $2 million to the one who will be able to create a tool to run a full iOS 12 remotely.

Zerodium invited hackers to a new task — to implement a universal full-fledged jailbreak iPhone running iOS 12. An important feature of the task of the company is the creation of such a jailbreak that you can perform remotely, “no clicks”. The hacker, who by some miracle will be able to achieve the desired, will be awarded more than respectable prize — $2 million

Also Zerodium increased rewards for finding vulnerabilities associated with iPhone. Valuable for the detection of vulnerabilities in iMessage relies $1 million, in Safari — us $500 thousand, and for breaking Touch ID or a passcode — $100 thousand

However, maximizing the prizes from Zerodium hardly afford even the most famous hackers. Apple is not the first year pays much attention to the security of iOS and the iPhone, making everything possible so that such vulnerability could not exist. Note that during the first versions of iOS it was remote and full iPhone.

Source: Zerodium.


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