And, it seems, it really is.

Despite the hopes of many fans compact smartphones, Apple has not released iPhone 2 SE. In theory, the release can still happen on October Apple presentation, but the odds of that, of course, not a lot. Moreover, as reported today by the experts Forbes, SE iPhone 2, most likely, will not be released in 2019.

Sources confirmed to Forbes a recent forecast analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on is scheduled for release in 2019 with the Apple. According to insiders and eminent experts, Apple will release only three smartphones:

  • a model with a 5.8-inch OLED display
  • model with a 6.5-inch OLED display
  • model with a 6.1-inch LCD display.

Thus, Apple will leave the iPhone line sample 2019 without changes in comparison with the previous year. This means that no fourth mobile company will not be released. At least at the moment, so say the insiders, Forbes and respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

However, note that in the code of iOS 12, it was found mention of new iPhone models, in addition to the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. In this regard, it is assumed that the presentation in late October, Apple can still surprise and release another new smartphone.

Source: Forbes.


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