Some time ago, the network was actively discussed the problems with the iPad Pro 2018. In particular, many users complained that the new tablet could come with a slight bend. Cupertinos in his official statement noted that there is nothing to worry, and a slight curvature of the iPad casing does not affect the functionality of the device. However, as it became known the other day, some former employees still see the problem.

For example, recently a former senior Director of marketing for Apple’s Michael gartenberg in his microblog criticized the quality of the company’s products and talked about the fact that returned your new iPad Pro 2018. The main claim device has become curved case.

It is noteworthy that soon after the publication of gartenberg decided to delete the entry. However, it is “scattered” over the network. For some reason, the former senior Director of marketing for Apple’s decided to remove his tweet, is unknown. But now he is again available in the ribbon.

Returned my iPad this morning. Perhaps it was within Apple’s tolerances the tolerances but Apple shouldn’t allow for a clear noticeble bend. Much as noticeble monitors with dead pixels aren’t acceptable either.

— Michael Gartenberg (@Gartenberg) December 24, 2018

Such strong statements are not going to benefit Apple. However, the cupertinos are trying to “keep face” and assure users there are no issues. However, many believe that the next generation iPad Pro, the company’s engineers will definitely add some extra stiffness, which will make the tablet more stringent.


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