Apple is not the first year actively interested in issues associated with artificial intelligence. The cupertinos are constantly in search of professionals who can help them with the development and implementation of these technologies. Recently Apple announced that the head of the Department of AI will stand a former employee of Google — John Giannandrea.

It is worth noting that, Giannandrea he moved to work in Cupertino recently. Officially, this became known in April of this year. Before switching to Apple, Giannandrea for ten years worked within the walls of Google, where he held the position of senior Vice President.

Cupertinos not misleading, what exactly will be the responsibilities of the new senior Vice President of strategy machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, we can assume that Giannandrea will be primarily to oversee development in the field of AI. He also, most likely, will be engaged in the strategic planning directions of development of technology of Core ML and Siri.


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