The journalist of the edition Medium Keith Stewart told how Fortnite brings people together and helps them to return to childhood.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a computer game where 100 players land on the island and must fight each other as long as alive will not be one. Since the official release in September 2017, it was downloaded more than 125 million times. The game brings developers Studio Epic Games in North Carolina — $ 250 million per month.

However, despite the basic outline of the plot, Fortnite is dedicated to not murder people and escape.

Due to the variety of design decisions, the game turns into a fully digital third place where users can enjoy autonomy and to make their own decisions about leveling. Fortnite is a safe space for communication, experimentation, and turmoil. It allows you to become free again.

The game is not zastavlyaet to follow a specific script. Users can explore the island, play football, have a race to the trucks and to develop your own plot.

For today’s children, Fortnite is a platform, where they can have fun without control from parents. For kids of the late 70s – early 80s is the ability to forget about worries and to gather with peers in the club.

Players form their own subculture. They have their own style of communication, slang, and other attributes that define the belonging to one group.

The game allows teenagers to stand out from the crowd, earning some skins or acquiring artifacts.

Many parents complain that children spend too much time playing video games. But the world has changed. The modern teenager can not go all day on a Bicycle in an unknown direction. First, he has nowhere to go — almost all of the territories became private and the public spaces were not so much. Second, parents will keep a track of its movement through the various gadgets. Thirdly, because of the strict curfew in force in many countries, freedom of movement of underage people is severely restricted.

Fortnite creates conditions which are so lacking in the city. The game gives a sense of security, allows you to move freely, to unite in one strong team to interact with nature, play and organized competition.

In addition, the game has a lot of entertainment. And even if a player is killed, he falls out of the action. He still can observe other users. It gives a sense of unity and helps to generate positive emotions.


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